Online Tuition

The mass disruption in March 2020 has led to the launch of my new online learning site!

Designed to be an encouraging and creative community space, you can access a whole range of material via, and engage at you own pace. 

New resources, ideas and projects are released every week with video tutorials, step by step guidance, extension activities and the opportunity to upload your work and receive comment and feedback from your peers and me!

Core Skills

Core Skills are activities that help you understand and practice foundational skills for painting, drawing and more.

Techniques and Media

Demonstrations and guidance on how to use different art tools, materials and approaches.

stARTing points

stARTing points are simple ideas and resources that give you a springboard in multiple directions.


Projects are more in-depth ‘stage by stage’ themed tutorials with demos.

Access and fees

Access is on a basis of a monthly subscription of £20. Pay as you go or set up a standing order. Minimum term 1 month. Cancel at anytime.

How can I get started?

You can request an account by contacting Alice.