Umbels, Trees and Leaves

‘Why are there trees I never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?’

Walt Whitman

Umbel, Umbra, Umber These three words and their meanings have inspired an outpouring of work: the architectural intricacy of the umbel wild in dandelions and cow parsley domesticated in alliums. Reminiscent of fireworks exploding in momentary brilliance, the fragile skeleton of the umbel remains long after the petals have faded and fallen. I have tried to capture some of the wonder and tranquillity I find in the English countryside; the excitement and mystery of new and unexplored paths, birdsong, transient light and colour. There is another theme within this work something I am learning -never give up on the thing you have nurtured into life; sacrifice, change, compromise, wait and eventually be content! Some of these paintings have weeks, months, years layered into them; hours of contemplation, layers of change. I have become more content with the journey, less impatient to arrive.