A splash of colour


A splash of colour

Just in case you thought the winter had got the better of me, here are three new creations……..I’ve been experimenting with the highly addictive and extremely messy acrylic pour technique (Delta) and playing with my white gel pen (Fantasy Forest) and carried away with the patterning in a log pile (King of the Castle)

  • John

    The wood is my favourite, a wonderful mixture of elements and colours, it draws my attention.
    The pheasant is my second choice and the log effect cleverly done.
    I often saw several focal points in both these two.

  • Heather Williams

    Very interesting work. I really like the drawing with the works. The leaves and pheasant on wood are my favourite. Beautiful and inspiring as always.

  • Trish

    As you know I loved the forest with gel pens and managed to do a similar thing myself albeit not as professional as yours! The pheasant on the logs is delightful and I am looking forward to hearing how you achieved the swirly colours of the view from above.

  • Nick


  • Laraine

    Hi Alice thanks for those images certainly brightened up my day. I bought my daughter some of the acrylic drip paints for Chrismas. Looking at the interesting effects you have produced maybe I should have got some for myself. I would love you to give me some tips on how to use them so I could pass them on to her. Great work. See you Friday x

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