Point of Balance 2016 Gallery

Point of Balance, Oxfordshire ArtWeeks, 2016

The title of this show came from one piece where you will see the suggestion of a person as if balanced on one foot leaning backwards, but it is also concerned with other kinds of balance; light, colour, line, shape. The ‘Wave’ pieces explore these idea using the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence as the motif. These elements are a natural obsession for artists, but on a deeper psychological level balance (harmony?) is what many of us are trying to nurture. It has been both a challenge and a privilege to draw directly from dance recently, to somehow preserve and convey the sense of movement and the sequence of the dance in a ‘still’ painting.

Shadow Puppets

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  1. Nick says:
    I like the balance between the tall strength of the pine forest and the feeling of cosy “Sanctuary”.

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